Aug 11 2010

Random Things I’d Like To See

Category: Uncategorizedamuzikman @ 8:55 am

In no particular order:

A lot less narcissism on Facebook.

Church worship leaders behaving like worship leaders and not stage performers.

A professional sports star that cares more about the community in which they play than their “brand”.

A politician retire without having become wealthy while in office.

Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams in the president’s cabinet.

Some common courtesy on the freeway.

A government “by the people and for the people” not “against the people” or “at the people”.

A hero’s welcome for every soldier when they come home.

Students who are willing to do what it takes.

A manned mission to Mars.

The view from the top of Mt. Everest.

The 49ers back in the Superbowl.

An emerald flash.

Satchel Paige in his prime.

A cure for cancer.

The earth from outer space.

A long stretch of open road through the windshield of a Shelby Cobra.

The return of the Helms Bakery truck.

Vin Scully live forever.