Aug 16 2010

The smartest person in the room who knows nothing?

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There are those folks who like to pretend their superiority by claiming to function only on reason, not having any need for faith.  They delude themselves, of course.  No one functions only on what they know, or can prove in a scientific or rationalist way.  Most people make most of their decisions on faith, whether they allow themselves to admit it or not.  In that, I include enormous, life determining decisions, like what to study, whether to study, whom to marry, what life path to choose, what values to live by, and so on.  Even science cannot be shown BY science (or any rational process) to be the valid path to truth.  At the link there is a discussion about that, and other things.

My point here is a little different, though.

Some people seem to delight in not being sure about anything, because that way they think they aren’t responsible for anything.  It’s rather as if they think ignorance of the law is a defense (including natural law and revealed law).

Neither natural laws nor God are impressed by feigned ignorance, however, even when you have maintained the pretense for so long that you’ve forgotten it’s just a script, so that you can safely play your role as a person who isn’t sure of anything much.  Shoot, I’ll bet some people could pass a polygraph examination, convincing the operator they’re “agnostics,” sort of the ultimate triumph of method acting.

I’m afraid you’ll have to decide.  You can’t sit on the fence forever.   You won’t live that long.

3 Responses to “The smartest person in the room who knows nothing?”

  1. MrMusiclover says:

    The only thing one gets when one spends their life on the fence is splinters. 🙂

    The Agnostics I have dealt with choose not to believe in God. And their reason, they are angry with Him. Hmmmm.

  2. amuzikman says:

    Imagine my surprise, when after reading the title of your post I discovered it WASN’T about Obama…..

  3. innermore says:

    The decision has been made, and I am sure, and my faith-based reason tells me, that there are no fences. Law isn’t a corral, it is a tethering point. The length of that tether depends on your faith.

    The spirit of the Law is perfect; something (Somebody) to have faith in. But, since the letter of the Law was imperfectly written, some folks will only agree to abide by it if they’re allowed to object as well. Not to appear ignorant or test God or impress anybody, this agreement seems delightfully responsible to me.

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