Jul 30 2010

Hate speech in action

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You tell me who is practicing hate speech here.

Imagine if the roles were reversed…

If the speaker was a gay minister, speaking gently of our responsibility to pray for our unfortunately confused brethren who don’t understand that Jesus was for gay marriage, saying that tactics of intimidation aimed at straight people are wrong, and the speaker was being shouted down by conservative bible-thumpers carrying signs saying things like “Gays hate God” or some such, you’d have seen this all over the evening news.

But the intolerant Left almost always gets a pass.

2 Responses to “Hate speech in action”

  1. tonedeaf says:

    If he was against gay marriage it was very hard to tell.

  2. tonedeaf says:

    Tonight, at the my church Harvest Carnival, a couple who’s son is a recent APU grad with a degree in music, came to me with a new concern (old one to me but there you go). It seems that a lovely young lady from my church (who happens to carry the same given name as me) transferred to APU this past September as a transfer junior. She plans to transfer out at the end of this, her first semester, because of the overly tolerant attitude toward homosexuality on the campus. Apparently, an APU math professor who is married and has children, spoke in chapel recently claiming to have homosexual tendencies and telling every to basically get over it. One wonders if a married male professor of (you name it) got up in chapel to confess that he had a severe temptation toward freshmen girls would last very long at APU. Talk about a school in deep doo doo!

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