Jul 12 2010

The UN as tragicomedy, minus deus ex machina, while Iran continues to enrich uranium

Category: Iran,Islam,UNharmonicminer @ 9:15 am

The UN continues its utter vapidity and cupidity (not to mention stupidity) with this bit of insane theater.  It’s like putting Adolph Hitler on the board of the local anti-semitism society.  I’m sure the women of Iran are comforted now that Iran is going to have a voice at the UN for women’s rights around the world.

In the meantime, Iran continues its nuclear program apace, a fact which even the densest of the international left is finally beginning to realize, and fear.  And Iran is still the single largest player in fomenting international terrorism, unless, of couse, you count the Saudi’s, who fund the madrassas that create converts to radical Islamism, and also appear to fund terrorists directly via cutouts and misdirection.  This isn’t exactly Saudi national policy, since terrorism threatens the Saudi leadership as well as the USA and Israel.  But it’s a measure of how out-of-control the Saudi government is of how its family princes spend their money outside the nation.

Oh, yeah, we really want these guys working for women’s rights.