Aug 31 2009

How We Got Here – Some Thoughts on Clinton, Bush and Obama

Category: Bush,Clinton,Obamaamuzikman @ 9:11 am

We now have an occupant in the White House who, by rational measure was woefully lacking in the experience necessary to hold the office of the Presidency.  Barak Obama was elected, not on his record, but on a promise, the promise of hope and change.  For many this meant people had hope that Obama would be a change from George Bush.  By the end of 2008, Bush had become so vilified that just about any Democrat could have been elected.  We as a nation are now beginning to understand the hope and change many of us desired was not the same hope and change Obama had in mind.

How did we get here?  How did the desire for hope and change so completely trump experience, expertise and knowledge? Continue reading “How We Got Here – Some Thoughts on Clinton, Bush and Obama”