Aug 11 2009

Pentatonic off the stage… almost

Category: musicharmonicminer @ 8:46 pm

Welcome to Practical Musicianship I.

Aug 11 2009

Tour de farce

Category: left,Obama,rightharmonicminer @ 8:26 am

Mr. Schaeffer, your dad would be proud. Very proud.

For the record, he was a great man.

But in the meantime, you really don’t have much to worry about.

And Ms. Maddow, as hard-hitting journalism goes, including probing questions, the challenging of facts not in evidence, etc., that was simply a tour de farce.   (Spelling intentional)

And your, uh, former audience is on to you.

UPDATE:  Mr. Schaeffer, is this one of the angry white men you had in mind?  I would purely love to see you attempt to debate with him.

H/T:  Melody