Aug 28 2009

Pray that Obama doesn’t view the US Constitution like he views that of Honduras

Category: constitution,Obamaharmonicminer @ 5:43 pm

Obama supports a wannabe dicator for Honduras instead of the protections of constitutional law sought by its people. After a very nice summary of the situation to date, JUDE says this:

And here stands our American President, atop what was once the beacon of liberty throughout the world, telling the people of Honduras that they have to suck it up and endure the man who wants to rule them forever, throwing away their own silly little constitution.
Because he just knows better than them? Because he’s a fan of the Leftist tyrants club? Because…?
Because he is wrong.

If Obama is willing to treat the Honduran constitution with such disrespect and to set himself and his own judgement above that of the duly elected officials and the Supreme Court of Honduras, who are, after all, following their own constitution and laws (with considerable restraint, I might add), what makes anyone think that he has any higher a view of the US Constitution?

To no one’s surprise, he doesn’t.

Aug 28 2009

This is where I live

Category: Beautyharmonicminer @ 9:37 am

This was shot from the driveway of my kids’ martial arts instructor (a direct student of Bruce Lee’s!), just down the street from my house.

There is no Artist like God.