Aug 29 2009

The real racists are….

Category: guns,mediaharmonicminer @ 9:25 am

Of guns and racism, who’s the racist now?

You may have heard of the recent contretemps surrounding people carrying weapons openly to townhall meetings, etc., not with the intent to use or threaten, but purely as a statement in favor of the Second Amendment. At the link above, some video about highly slanted news coverage (you won’t believe this if you don’t already know about it), and some interesting history about the racist nature of firearms restrictions in US history. Hint: guess which was the group that first had restrictions on its right to own firearms?

Aug 29 2009

A pretty cheeky cop

Category: societyharmonicminer @ 12:49 am

I guess there are some things you just can’t say or show in America anymore.  Maybe the Age of Aquarius has come or something.

Now imagine if this was a white cop telling a black protester that he could not show a caricature of George Bush at a townhall, which is supposed to be the very quintessence of free speech.  Imagine the white cop telling the black protester that “he [the cop] can arrest him [the protester] for anything he wants to.”

I think Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would probably set new speed records getting there and getting on camera.

The ACLU would sue the supervising agency and municipality of the cop.

Barack Obama would call the cop “stupid,” and this time he’d be right.  And he wouldn’t invite the cop for beer.

I think a certain Officer Cheeks needs more training.  A lot more training.  How did the noble constable make it past psychological screening for academy entrance?  Come to think of it…  he doesn’t really look like he could survive academy this year.  But he’ll fit right in as sergeant at arms at your local re-education camp.  He will be the one not carrying a copy of the Constitution in his back pocket.

Look for him and his friends, coming soon to a town near you.