Apr 16 2009

China makes first consumer product safety law

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China to establish defective products recall system

Companies should recall products immediately if there is a defect which threatens people’s health and lives, according to a draft law submitted to the State Council, the country’s Cabinet, Wednesday.

If approved, it would be the country’s first law on product recall.

Well… it’s a start, I suppose.  I wonder how many Americans thought China already had such laws?


2 Responses to “China makes first consumer product safety law”

  1. jawg22 says:

    I thought they did!

  2. Tom Hunt says:

    I was assigned to a U.S. Customs task force in the late nineties. We did several search warrants with consumer affairs, that resulted in truck loads of dangerous unlawful Chinese products being confiscated and destroyed. It’s nice to see that the Chinese are at least starting to look at things differently.

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