Apr 16 2009

Obama’s thinking hard… just not hard enough

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Apr 16 2009

Hard questions about embryonic stem cell research

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12 tough questions from Doug Kmiec, with excellent answers from Robert George.

This is a follow up to an excellent interchange between the two that is covered here.

Some of this is definitely college level reading, and requires you to think about the questions and the answers.  But it is rewarding, and thoroughly worthy of your time and attention.

The short story:  the hard questions do have answers.  This material is what you need to read to know what you’re talking about in the embryonic stem cell debate.

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Apr 16 2009

China makes first consumer product safety law

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China to establish defective products recall system

Companies should recall products immediately if there is a defect which threatens people’s health and lives, according to a draft law submitted to the State Council, the country’s Cabinet, Wednesday.

If approved, it would be the country’s first law on product recall.

Well… it’s a start, I suppose.  I wonder how many Americans thought China already had such laws?