Apr 09 2009

Islamic leftists?!?

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In a very complete and fascinating survey of the penetration of Islamic sharia law into American public life, and the contradictions it reveals, Power Line makes this cogent observation:

Minneapolis is represented in Congress by Keith Ellison, the left-wing Democrat who is famous as Congress’s first Muslim. Ellison embodies the American left’s weird alliance with radical Islam. How Ellison reconciles his Islamic faith with the Democratic Party’s devout belief in homosexual rights, leftist feminism, abortion rights and every other element of the party’s most radical agenda is a subject that the media have somehow left unexplored. We have yet to learn of the branch of Islam that comports with the dogmas of the left.

Consider the mystery: most American Jews vote Democrat. Muslims appear to be doing the same.

The congnitive dissonance is overwhelming.

The party that radically supports homosexual marriage, abortion, radical feminism, etc., is supported by Muslims who are required by their religion to despise all those things.

The party that seems often willing to bargain away Israel’s right to self-defense in the name of “multi-lateralism” and “negotiation” is supported by Jews.

The congressman with ties to Hamas, which wants Israelis pushed into the sea, runs as a candidate of the party that is supported by Jews, and by Muslims who don’t much care for Jews.

Go figure.

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