Jan 30 2009

The stimulus

Category: Uncategorizedharmonicminer @ 11:31 am

We need a stimulus package from congress.

We don’t have one. Instead, we have giant, steaming piece of pork, with payoffs for all the constituent groups that elect Democrats, including trial lawyers, unions (especially teachers unions and public employee unions, but plenty for others, too), eco-panic enviro-pagans, entitlements galore, payoffs to state governments that will allow them to continue to spend more than they take in (with no expectation that a condition of this bailout is that they’ll start spending less NOW), ACORN and related “community activist” groups, and assorted public works projects (but most of which don’t start even spending money to do anything until 2010 to 2012, which means that the “stimulus” effect of them, if any, won’t be felt until we’re likely to already be out of the recession).

The best assessment of the “stimulus” I’ve heard is that it’s about 10% actual stimulus, and the rest pork, this from Jack Welch, one of the most successful CEOs in American history.

90% of this bill is simple payola, not to mention shinola.

Cheer up… you may not have to pay that much for it, but your kids will.

And this is only the beginning.

So: for those of you who complained that Republicans spent too much money when they had Congress, and had too much pork in their budgets, and so didn’t vote for them this time, I can only say….

I told you so.

I’ll have LOTs and LOTs of opportunities to say that again, as the next years unfold.