Jan 12 2009

Sabbatical is over… sigh

Category: Uncategorizedharmonicminer @ 9:12 am

Today I begin a new semester of teaching.  And I have multiple music projects going at once, so the brutal fact is that I’ll have to blog a little less.  I’ll try to keep putting up links to items I find interesting, and will comment when I can.

I have one musical project going that readers might find interesting, but I can’t talk about it quite yet.  Soon, I think.

In the meantime, check back when you can.  I’ll still try to put something up pretty often that I think is interesting, though I may comment less than before until summer time.  We’ll see…  I often fail to keep my promises to myself to spend less time doing something I enjoy, but which doesn’t help pay the bills.

Happy 2009!