Jan 26 2010

“Pro choice” my foot

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Less choice, more murder

Democrats are pushing us in a perverse direction — they want to deny our personal freedoms while expanding our capability to murder our unborn children

Much more at the link.

The short story: “pro-choice” is the mantra where killing the unborn is concerned, not for much of anything else.

We have a president who considers abortion to be healthcare (to cure the “disease” of pregnancy, it would seem).

In the meantime, he works to restrict freedom on many other points in our society.

It would seem that while our rights from the first ten amendments to the Constitution are not inalienable after all (speech, religion, and guns come to mind), the right to an abortion, paid by government, is considered by him to be God-given.

I’m sure the Creator of life is proud of him.

Babies who aren’t wanted should really just die quietly, behind a door somewhere, so that decent people don’t have to watch.  If they would just have the grace to do that, we wouldn’t have to kill them.

Of course, we always have Obama and the Left, who want the government to pay “doctors” to do things that nature won’t do for them.

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  1. Melody says:

    Tom Tebow is starring in a Focus On The Family ad for the Superbowl. His mother almost aborted him. Read the story here:


  2. Bill says:

    The blood of Cain cried out to God from the field. Can you imagine the cry of 10,000 babies – not only physically killed, but done so on purpose.

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