Jan 25 2010

Note to Tel Aviv: buy lead underwear, and dig a deep hole to hide in

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Iran able to produce nuclear bomb this year?

Iran is serious about developing a nuclear bomb and has the ability to produce a primitive, truck-sized version of the bomb this year, the German magaziner Der Spiegel reported on Monday.

An intelligence dossier obtained by Der Spiegel shows that there is a secret military branch of Iran’s nuclear research program that answers to Tehran’s ministry of defense, according to the report.

Officials who have read this document – which is currently under review by the U.S., Germany and Israel – claim that it shows that their nuclear program aimed at producing a bomb is well advanced.
The officials said to Der Spiegel that the truck-sized bomb which they are capable of producing will have to be compressed to a size that would fit into a nuclear warhead for the strategic threat potential they desire.

Der Spiegel also wrote that Israel and the West were alarmed by the dossier’s revelations, as Iran could reach the compressed level of a nuclear bomb between 2012 and 2014.

Tehran has consistently denied that it is enriching uranium for weapons, claiming it is exclusively dedicated to the peaceful use of nuclear technology.

Jihad is taking a very scary turn.  If I lived in Israel, I’d take about a ten-year overseas vacation…  just to see what the shakeout is. 

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  1. anthony says:

    Something I was reading in the Bible the other day, we have all read it and all seem to think they understand it 100%. “Abomination that causes desolation”. Yeah I know that assuming the day to year interpretation of time prophecy holds out that would place it just after Jesus death with the stoning of stephen on “the wing of the temple”. But it sure sounds like a nuke doesn’t it? I think my stomach is getting sick….

  2. Bob says:

    Hey Anthony,

    Rest easy, most Biblical scholars think the “abomination that causes desolation” refers to the various abuses against the temple perpetrated by the Seleucid king Antiochus Epiphanes in the 2nd/3rd centuries bc. He sacrificed pigs on the altar of God, set up an idol in the holy of holies, all kinds of horrible stuff. There is no reason, other than fear-induced speculation, to suspect that this refers to a nuclear weapon.

  3. harmonicminer says:

    It is not clear to me that Ahmandinejad reads the same commentaries that you do.

  4. Bob says:

    Good point. Then again, if he’s reading the Bible at all, I’m all for it. Even in this uncertain time, may we trust in the God of whom the Bible witnesses. He’ll be on the throne long after Ahmadinejad has had his turn.

  5. anthony says:

    Yeah anything now would be way outside the timeline. As I recall it is supposed to happen at the end of the 490 year prophecy in daniel. Which ended about 2000 years ago, its just that when taken out of the context of our current understanding “abomination that causes desolation” REALLY sounds nuclear.

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