May 15 2009

Conflicted Christians

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As previously observed, President Obama will receive an honorary doctorate from Notre Dame in a few days, and address a commencement exercise. And although there is a considerable amount of Outrage Over Obama Speaking at Notre Dame, the plain fact is that 53% of Catholics voted for him, in direct contravention of their bishops’ advice and admonition.

One graduating senior, Matt Degnan, is selling T-shirts he designed that say “Obama? Fine By Me.” When I asked him whether the shirts represented enthusiastic support of the president or merely tacit ambivalence, he simply responded, “I think that the shirts speak for themselves.”

But he told the paper that faculty members have been the most frequent buyers, which comes as no surprise to anyone who’s ever met a college professor.

Furthermore, Catholics themselves helped put Obama in office, after voting for him 53 percent. Obama secured the largest advantage among Catholics for a Democrat since Bill Clinton.

So although I’m empathetic toward the outrage, and a Catholic school honoring a pro-choice activist like Obama is nothing short of outrageous, the numbers tell a different picture. The state of Indiana, St. Joseph’s County, South Bend, and the University of Notre Dame all supported candidate Obama, with alacrity, as did Catholic America.

Right-to-life issues are important, but this supposed scandal is muddied by the inconvenient underlying facts: Obama has huge support here, and some of the groups that are railing against his visit are the very groups that helped put him in office, in a position to then be invited.

But voting him into office was apparently one thing, and allowing him to speak at a college commencement, another. Catholics should get their message straight if they want to regain the kind of influence that makes them a credible voice of reason, compassion, clarity, and morality. Right now they just seem tongue-tied.

Christians should not be tongue tied.   Ever.   They should be willing to speak out on straight-up moral issues, especially those involving life and death of the most innocent.  Shame on us.  And count me as one evangelical who feels more in common with the other 47% of Roman Catholics than with all too many protestants.

In the meantime, here’s a protestant to admire, for his conviction, and his willingness to tell simple, unobstructed, unconflicted truth:

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3 Responses to “Conflicted Christians”

  1. enharmonic says:

    What can one say but, Wow?

  2. enharmonic says:

    Okay, I can say more than ‘Wow’. Regarding those you refer to as “conflicted Christians”, my take on those kind of folks is this: they are either brand new Christians who have never been fed the Word (hard to get in most churches these days) or they are not really ‘born again’. The term ‘Christian’ AND the term ‘Evangelical’ have become totally meaningless in our culture.

    On thing I do find interesting however is that so many folks (men, mostly) floating around in Christian intellectual circles are worshipping at the throne of science and announcing how glad they are to have ‘buried the hatchet’ between science and Christianity. Many of those same folks will argue that abortion isn’t necessarily a bad thing even though the “science” of human development allows us to see into the womb and view a living child. They will get monumentally emotional about ‘global warming’ and how Christians should be at the forefront of protecting the environment (though there is no sustainable evidence of mans involvement in climate change) yet turn a blind eye to the killing of the pre-born and newly born. Could it be that when a ‘Christian’ is sexually active outside the bonds of marriage that their own unconfessed sin becomes such condemnation to their conscience that they are unable or unwilling to stand for what is Biblically right in the sexual realm on any level?

  3. harmonicminer says:

    Sin does have a way of clouding the mind, and the heart.

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