May 25 2009

Incoherency defined

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Olbermann Responds to Limbaugh

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann says he’ll stop talking about Rush Limbaugh for 30 days on one condition: That Limbaugh not talk about himself for a month.

It’s the latest fun media feud. It started earlier this week when Limbaugh said MSNBC was building its ratings by constantly criticizing him. He challenged MSNBC to a 30-day “Rush withdrawal.”

Olbermann responded Wednesday night by saying it appeared MSNBC’s criticisms had finally struck bone. Limbaugh, he said, “has suddenly gone all Greta Garbo on us.”

He said Limbaugh has no right to control who comments about him. But he said he’ll stop talking about Limbaugh provided Limbaugh stop talking about himself.

Limbaugh responded by saying Olbermann’s statement was incoherent.

That’s like saying a particular bark from a dog is incoherent.  Has Olbermann ever barked coherently?

Come to think of it, the big dog here is Rush….  and Olbermann is an annoying flea.

UPDATE:  Based on a critical comment, suggesting that comparing Olbermann and a flea is an insult to the flea, let me just say that he’s really a flea hoping someday to be promoted to full-fledged tick.  He is, after all, a giant intake device for oxygen bearing hemoglobin.