Jul 11 2008

Hizbullah gets new toys…. LOTS of toys

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I commented earlier on HAMAS turning Gaza into an ammo dump and training field for the coming conflict with Israel. (When isn’t there a coming conflict?) Hizbullah, not to be outdone, is doing the same thing, probably also via arms from Iran and Syria.

There are some 2,500 un-uniformed Hizbullah fighters in southern Lebanon, and the organization has trebled its pre-war missile arsenal, government sources said Wednesday, following a security cabinet meeting on Hizbullah’s strength and the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

According to the sources, Hizbullah today has some 40,000 short- and medium-range missiles inside Lebanon, and UN Security Council Resolution 1701 – the resolution that put an end to the Second Lebanon War and provided an expanded mandate for UNIFIL – has been completely ineffective in stopping arms from pouring into Hizbullah from Syria.

The vast majority of the missiles are north of the Litani River, but can still “blanket” the northern part of Israel, the sources said.

While the UN (as always) completely fails to hold up its end of the bargain that led Israel to pull back from the last Lebanese incursion (in response to Hizbullah provocations, kidnappings, murders, missiles, the usual), Hizbullah is stocking up at the local arms bazaar. You never know when you might need to shoot 40,000 missiles at people going to school, work and synagogue.

In some sense, this is all almost a non-story. When is it any different? Israel shows restraint, Hamas and Hizbullah take advantage, and the UN bloviates but is utterly incompetent.

Read the news stories linked above. Then go somewhere quiet and pray. Personally, I’m praying that the Israeli and US leadership will come to its senses, and realize that working through the UN is beyond useless.

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