Jul 08 2008

Why the Twenty-Somethings Should Vote For Obama #1

Category: election 2008,Obamasardonicwhiner @ 10:10 pm

Because he’ll make sure the twenty-somethings pay for my retirement and medical care, even though I’ll have more money than them. Why should those lazy millenial types get to put aside any more of their own money than I did mine at their age? They OWE me.

Big Time.

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Jul 08 2008

What month is it this month?

Category: Congress,humor,politicsharmonicminer @ 10:00 pm

Here is a list of all the months that Congress has designated over the last 18 months.

This is really important stuff, and I think we need to suggest some more months to Congress for designation as special events.

National Ear Mark Month

National Jump The Shark Month

National Stay Home, I Can’t Afford Gas Month

National Snail Darter Awareness Month

National Antarctica Isn’t Melting Month

National CIA Suspicion Month

National Late-Term Abortion Rights Month

National Polygamy If You’re Islamic Month

National White Married Male Churchgoer Heritage Month

National Red-Haired People’s Awareness Month

National Homeless Trombonists Awareness Month and National Wear Brass Day

National Honk If You’re On Jihad Day

National Firearms Registration and Confiscation Month (to be celebrated only once)

National Talk Radio Heritage Month

National Toe-Tapping In Airport Rest Rooms Awareness Month

National Cash In The Freezer Month and National Wear Green Day

National Mark Steyn Day

National Mecca Is That Way Day

National Kennedy Compound Windmills Month

National Open Borders Month

National Islamic Terrorist Apologists Month (to be timed with Ramadan each year)

National Let’s Cancel Congress Until Next Year Month

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