Jul 09 2008

Obama is just a better person than the rest of us

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Power Line: Obama Snickers At His Countrymen — Video here, too— read it all, and watch the video

Barack Obama made a fool of himself again yesterday. At a campaign event in Georgia, he mocked Americans as ignoramuses who go abroad and can’t say anything in French except “merci beaucoup.” (Obama doesn’t speak French.) He said that rather than worrying about immigrants learning English, we must all teach our children to speak Spanish. (Obama doesn’t speak Spanish, either.)

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Jul 09 2008

“Unaccountable Corporations”, or “Unaccountable Government”?

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It’s popular on the Left to bash corporations, and, by extension, capitalism, for just about every evil under the sun. When you dig a little deeper into most corporate abuses (the really big ones, that is), you tend to find that the real problem was government, which is the only way corporations can get enough power to do really bad things. Regulations, set-asides, sweetheart deals, mandated monopolies (it isn’t a monopoly if the government gives it to you), etc., are only possible when government sticks out its hand to corporations and says, “If you pay me now, I’ll pay you later.” True capitalism, which does NOT include giveaways by government to large corporations (or anyone else) would not include things like this.

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Jul 09 2008

When Doing Nothing Is The Right Thing To Do

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President Bush met with G-8 nations (U.S., Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Japan and Russia), as well as developing nations China, India, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa, on a variety of matters, including “climate change”.

It was a lot of “happy talk”

President Bush on Wednesday hailed the move by G-8 leaders to coalesce behind a broad climate-change strategy, saying in a valedictory to summitry that “significant progress” has been made on global warming.

“In order to address climate change, all major economies must be at the table, and that’s what took place today,” Bush said. Environmentalists said the summit’s broad pledge to work toward slashing greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by 2050 did not go far enough.

Well, of course not. The eco-hysterics won’t be happy until we’re all living on raw vegetables and riding bicycles made with 19th century technology (what few of us remain, after the necessary die-off of the parasitical human population). Continue reading “When Doing Nothing Is The Right Thing To Do”

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