Jul 08 2008

Why the Twenty-Somethings Should Vote For Obama #1

Category: election 2008,Obamasardonicwhiner @ 10:10 pm

Because he’ll make sure the twenty-somethings pay for my retirement and medical care, even though I’ll have more money than them. Why should those lazy millenial types get to put aside any more of their own money than I did mine at their age? They OWE me.

Big Time.

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2 Responses to “Why the Twenty-Somethings Should Vote For Obama #1”

  1. harmonicminer » Jesus and Obama, Robbin’ in da ‘Hood says:

    [...] I’m encouraging all twenty and thirty somethings to vote for Obama, since that will selfishly be best for me… he’ll make sure they pay for my retirement [...]

  2. harmonicminer » Why The Twenty-Somethings Should Vote For Obama #2 says:

    [...] lots of email from your kids, while mine will be visiting me most days in the old-muscians-home (extra luxurious), to make sure I have enough Doritos. I’ll bet live coverage of the wars will be incredible. [...]

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