Jul 31 2012

The Morgan Freeman Tea Party Survey

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1.  Why do you believe the Tea Party wants Barack Obama to be a one-term president? (please select one answer from the list below)

a) Because the Tea Party is racist

b) Because the Tea Party is racist

c) Because the Tea Party is racist

d) Because the Tea Party is racist

e) Because the Tea Party is racist

f) Because the Tea Party is racist

Several times while watching the Olympics I have heard Morgan Freeman’s voice come on the air and pitch the Visa card.  Perfectly acceptable in spite of the fact that he has recently taken the liberty, virtually unchallenged, of labeling an entire group of Americans as racists, with nothing more than his own personal assertion as proof.  Of course anyone who may take exception to that is also labelled a racist.  This from the tolerant left.

On the other hand the president of Chick Fil-A can make a statement about his support of traditional marriage.  He is then vilified in the press, boycotts of his business are called and he is told by the mayors of Chicago and Boston that his business is “not welcome” in their towns.  This also from the tolerant left.

I welcome someone who can explain how and why this is not a double standard.

(Hat tip to Larry Elder)

4 Responses to “The Morgan Freeman Tea Party Survey”

  1. kdippre says:

    Anything resembling Christianity is simply not convenient for Morgan Freeman, as he also asserts that man invented god.

  2. kdippre says:

    Oh, BTW what are exactly those “Chicago values” anyway?

  3. innermore says:

    Yes, your double standard is successfully obvious, but this time in a slightly ill-constructed context. To confirm your contention, wouldn’t it be more accurate to compare the announced beliefs of Sam Cathy with John Partridge’s? Or perhaps Morgan Freeman and Doodles the Chicken would be a better analogy. You would then need to determine what % of Visa card holders really knew how weird Freeman was, and cross-reference that with the % of Evangelicals who thought of marriage when eating at Chic-Fil-A. I’m not sure such facts are attainable, but I guess folks with these concerns should boycott paying for Chic-Fil-A with Visa in the meantime. Yes, I’m TEASING.

    So we’re once again contrasting the principles behind the same ol’ mischaracterized liberal conceit the right envies, and the same ol’ misrepresented fundamentalism the left fears… zzzz… Of course, double standards are only pointed out by the party they’re applied to, while the accused vehemently denies it, while protesting the same exact double standard against them. And it all happens between breaks on the same biased FOXMSNBC news show, not to mention the usual lineup of fact traffickers and evidence vendors milling around. Everybody discounting everybody else’s credibility just to avoid middle ground, and denouncing the behavior at the same time: that’s a double standard for ya.

    While I admire Mr. Cathy’s courage of conviction, his promotional methods have been a disastrously idiotic distraction. The characters in this limelight are just too weird.

  4. kdippre says:

    Yes, one would think we had better things to do than to boycott a chicken restaurant (although most gay and straight people admit that their cuisine is delicious and the help is very polite). Cluck, cluck, cluck…….

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