Jul 21 2012

The real first chapter of Genesis

Category: economy,freedom,funny but sad,God,government,humorharmonicminer @ 3:42 pm

Deep in the bowels of the third basement level of the Sears Tower in Chicago, a heretofore unknown manuscript has been discovered, a scroll believed by Keynsian scholars to predate the earliest known copy of the book of Genesis by at least two centuries.

It is now available for public viewing on the internet.

You only THOUGHT you knew the real story of Creation.

Jul 21 2012

Is it just me or is there something terribly wrong here?

Category: abortionamuzikman @ 11:01 am

After an “outpouring of concern” a very large Maine lobster is going to be spared by a Cape Cod restaurant. Instead of becoming a feast it will be returned to the sea.

Meanwhile approximately 3700 babies will be aborted today.