Jul 07 2012

Yahoo says Obama campaign is lying about Romney… gasp!

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Obama ad calls Romney ‘the problem’ with job losses to China – Yahoo! News

Undeterred by independent fact-checkers that have debunked the thrust of their claims, the Obama campaign is redoubling attacks on Mitt Romney as an “outsourcer” in a new TV ad airing in eight battleground states. The 30-second spot — titled “The Problem” — claims Romney condoned the Chinese “taking our jobs and taking a lot of our future.”

The Romney campaign called the latest ad a continuation of “desperate lies,” citing reports by several independent fact-checkers that have discredited the suggestion that Romney himself had a direct role in relocating U.S. jobs overseas. “We found no evidence to support the claim that Romney — while he was still running Bain Capital — shipped American jobs overseas,” FactCheck.org concluded in a report last month. Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler also concluded that while Bain-owned companies may have engaged in outsourcing, Romney’s ties to the practice are tenuous.

I know I should be thrilled that Yahoo News is actually telling the truth about Obama….  for once.

The thing is, this is hardly “man-bites-dog” news.  It’s more like in the line of reporting that water is wet.

But kudos, for once, to Yahoo and ABC, the source of the story.