Jul 31 2012

The Morgan Freeman Tea Party Survey

Category: left,Olympics,racism,tea partyamuzikman @ 4:55 pm

1.  Why do you believe the Tea Party wants Barack Obama to be a one-term president? (please select one answer from the list below)

a) Because the Tea Party is racist

b) Because the Tea Party is racist

c) Because the Tea Party is racist

d) Because the Tea Party is racist

e) Because the Tea Party is racist

f) Because the Tea Party is racist

Several times while watching the Olympics I have heard Morgan Freeman’s voice come on the air and pitch the Visa card.  Perfectly acceptable in spite of the fact that he has recently taken the liberty, virtually unchallenged, of labeling an entire group of Americans as racists, with nothing more than his own personal assertion as proof.  Of course anyone who may take exception to that is also labelled a racist.  This from the tolerant left.

On the other hand the president of Chick Fil-A can make a statement about his support of traditional marriage.  He is then vilified in the press, boycotts of his business are called and he is told by the mayors of Chicago and Boston that his business is “not welcome” in their towns.  This also from the tolerant left.

I welcome someone who can explain how and why this is not a double standard.

(Hat tip to Larry Elder)

Feb 20 2010

A Thoughtful Reply To A Serious Subject

Category: Olympicsamuzikman @ 4:18 pm

U.S.A. Olympic skater, Evan Lysacek has won the gold medal in men’s figure skating, beating heavily favored Russian, Yevgeny Plushenko.

Apparently Plushenko and all of Russia, from the Prime Minister down, have taken great exception to this and have been complaining bitterly about the results, claiming the outcome was unfair.

Given the sensitivity and significance of the subject plus the enormity of the implications for our two nations I feel it is important for me to contribute a considered personal reply.  After extended thoughtful deliberation, here it is:

Dear Mr. Plushenko,