Jul 21 2012

Is it just me or is there something terribly wrong here?

Category: abortionamuzikman @ 11:01 am

After an “outpouring of concern” a very large Maine lobster is going to be spared by a Cape Cod restaurant. Instead of becoming a feast it will be returned to the sea.

Meanwhile approximately 3700 babies will be aborted today.



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  1. Kira says:

    That’s exactly what i thought when I read that story. A few days ago, I saw a video posted on MSNBC’s website of a bee colony being relocated from someone’s house instead of exterminated. Of course they ignore the slaughter of the unborn and instead run some stupid story of someone saving a bee colony. Big shock coming from the likes of them. It’s a sad day indeed when even invertebrates matter more than human life.

  2. Smallgov says:

    Its curious to me that those who consider themselves to be prolife only fight for unborn fetuses. God forbid those 3700 babies be born into poverty. Then the same people who were fighting for them in the womb will be the same people cutting all of the social programs their parents (or parent)need to feed said babies. Its the same people who argue for small government all while expecting government to invade what should be a very private matter. And please dont assume what my personal beliefs are either. Freedom means that we dont always have to agree with what others choose to do.

  3. amuzikman says:

    Well, first of all you begin with a huge assumption, that any concern I or others may have about children stops when they are born. Second, I see your assumption is based on the fact that conservatives, who are often pro-life, are also often against large governmental social programs. The reason for this is that too often these programs are bloated, bureaucratic nightmares that create more problems than they solve. Do some research on poverty and government spending since the Great Society of Lyndon Johnson. The evidence seems to suggest that the government cannot solve poverty issues. Your third assumption is that these programs are the only option available to poor parents with babies. Is it too much to expect that people should not become parents until they can afford to do so? We know that there are government social programs, originally intended to help the poor but that actually promote having children as a means of collecting greater governmental assistance. And that does not even begin to address what such programs have done to the nuclear family, especially among the African American community.
    As far as government invading “what should be a private matter” I suppose on the face of that argument you could advocate for murder as well, though it is understood the taking of another human life is much more than a private matter. That is why there a public laws against it. But somehow, if the child is still in the womb it is OK. God forbid indeed.
    I believe there is MUCH more to freedom than your definition, especially if we are speaking in terms of a society. freedom is not anarchy. Freedom includes responsibility. Again I use the murder analogy. If you choose to commit murder, it is not freedom for me to simply shrug my shoulders and say I don’t agree with your choice.
    Lastly I must ask you to take your own statement and look at it in another way. You say, “God forbid those 3700 babies be born into poverty”. And since we don’t want that the only other solution we can come up with is to kill them?

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