Jun 29 2010

International Space Station Sex Ban

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From the London Telegraph:

Commanders do not allow sexual intercourse on the International Space Station. “We are a group of professionals,” said Alan Poindexter, a NASA commander, during a visit to Tokyo, when asked about the consequences if astronauts boldly went where no others have been. “We treat each other with respect and we have a great working relationship. Personal relationships are not … an issue,” said a serious-faced Mr. Poindexter. “We don’t have them and we won’t.”Mr. Poindexter and his six crew members, including the first Japanese mother in space Naoko Yamazaki, were in Tokyo to talk about their two-week resupply mission to the International Space Station. The April voyage broke new ground by putting four women in orbit for the first time, with three female crew joining one woman already on the station.Sexual intercourse in space may appear out of bounds, but astronauts have been known to succumb to earthly passions. In 2007 former NASA astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak allegedly wore adult diapers when driving hundreds of miles across the United States without bathroom breaks to confront a suspected rival in a romance with a fellow astronaut.

Given the sheer number and magnitude of problems facing us at home and abroad I can only say how relieved I am that this issue has been dealt with decisively.  I will now proceed to check it off my list of concerns.

11 Responses to “International Space Station Sex Ban”

  1. harmonicminer says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny that this guy’s name is Poindexter?

  2. Sam says:

    No, I do, too. I was just going to post the same thing!

  3. tonedeaf says:

    Who’s “The Professor”?

  4. harmonicminer says:

    “The Professor”?

  5. amuzikman says:

    Not to mention Rock Bottom and Va Voom

  6. harmonicminer says:

    Would that be the “hundred mile high club”?

  7. tonedeaf says:

    Sorry, I was thinking of Mr. Peabody and his pet boy Sherman.

  8. amuzikman says:

    Poindexter was a character in the Felix The Cat cartoons

  9. Anthony says:

    I smell a lie. I’m sure SOME couple succumbed to the temptation of no gravity. Otherwise why would mr pointy react with such venom to the question? Perhaps it brought up unwanted memories.

  10. tonedeaf says:

    I knew it was a cartoon somewhere. The fact that I’m old enough to remember them both is sobering.

  11. Saxman says:

    I would think that an underwire bra in space would be redundant….

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