Jun 10 2010

Genocide of Black Babies

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As Christians, we are called to Value Life and All of God’s Children. Here are some observations from Day Gardner, president of the National Black Pro-Life Union.  I wonder which major Christian university will be featuring her as a “diversity” speaker in the near future?

Today in America, we all would like to believe racism no longer exists, but that is just not the case.That fact is most evident to me every night when I turn on the evening news and hear the stories, night after night after night, about beautiful 2-year-old or 5-year-old little white girls either missing or brutally murdered. My heart breaks and aches for them and their families, beautiful children! Yet I know little black girls have disappeared or died the same horrible, tragic deaths, and the media silence regarding them is deafening!

In America, we subconsciously devalue black babies. We are tricked into thinking a black child has less value than a child of another race.

Though U.S. law prohibits discrimination on the basis of race in various contexts, including employment, education and housing, black babies are still openly targeted and discriminated against.

Where’s the proof? It’s right in front of our faces. In recent YouTube videos there were several instances where Planned Parenthood representatives were willing to accept racist donations, even to the point of being “excited” at the possibility of taking money specifically earmarked to kill a black baby.

Planned Parenthood’s eager acceptance of these donations reflect the racist and eugenic principles of its founder, Margaret Sanger. This business mainly profits from the large number of abortions it provides, 37 percent of those abortions are performed on black women. Black America needs to face reality. We need to understand what this business is really all about.

Many pro-life people refer to abortion as genocide. You may agree or disagree. Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction of a group defined by the exterminators as undesirable. It could be a racial, religious group, cultural, ethnic, or some other distinct group.

Most people find it easy to understand what genocide is as it relates to the Holocaust. To justify that genocide, Adolf Hitler and his followers did their very best to make whole races of people appear less than human. The targeted groups were deemed “undesirables” and “subhumans,” which made it easier for Hitler to carry out the killing of millions of people.

Today, the abortion industry would have all of us believe that unborn children are less than human. They make sure to only refer to these children as fetuses or embryos. They use these words to dehumanize the child. Planned Parenthood views the killing of innocent preborn babies, especially those who are black, in a very similar way. Most abortionists and abortion providers insist the child in the womb is not yet fully human. They want women and girls who walk through an abortionist’s doors to believe the child they are killing is not yet a child, as Hitler believed, it was “easier” to kill that which was not fully human.

Abortion hurts women and inflicts a horrendous and brutal death on the children. If we were talking about animals all of Hollywood and the rest of the nation would demand an immediate halt to the killing. But we’re not talking about defenseless animals here, only defenseless children.

Today, for every black baby born, another black baby is killed by abortion. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion chain. It has planted its clinics strategically in our urban and minority neighborhoods. This is no accident!

The Alan Guttmacher Institute and with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that a huge majority (experts estimate more than 75 percent) of abortion clinics are located in minority neighborhoods.

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider. It raked in $1 billion last year, including more than $350 million in taxpayer funds. That’s right. Tax dollars, in part, fund an organization that gets excited about taking donations earmarked to abort black babies.

Last year, thousands of Americans lost their homes due to foreclosed loans. Many homes could have been saved with $350 million. Many of our schools, especially inner city schools, are in shambles; $350 million could have paid for more teachers, and computers and other school supplies.

We have men, women, children, and entire families living on the street. I’ve seen them, you’ve seen them, fellow Americans, destitute and homeless. And $350 million could have provided many of them housing and shelter.

Taxpayer dollars spent to support the racist agenda of Planned Parenthood could have been spent in various other ways to support and protect people in need, the homeless, elderly and unborn. Why are we forced to give our tax dollars to a racist organization that was founded to limit the numbers of Negroes in America?

For too long, our black leaders have walked with blinders on, we have ignored the screams and tears of our children being ripped from the womb. We have been guilty of looking the other way while our children were targeted for death.

But we are coming together and we realize abortion will not go away until we bring this travesty out into the light and act to protect the very lives being disregarded. The hateful agenda of Planned Parenthood must be stopped, and we as a society must not sit by and allow children to be killed.

Those of us who serve God acknowledge we are all made in his image. For us, blessed is the fruit of the womb. If God says children are a reward, a gift and our heritage, then we must uphold that all children are greatly valuable and desirable, indeed.