Nov 07 2009

The etymological roots of the verb “to diss”

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Recently, on another comment thread, I had some comments to make about the origin of the verb “to diss”

That’s because it comes from the ancient Hebrew word “dissohnia” which means, roughly (go with me here, some words don’t translate well between languages), “without ownership.” Most scholars believe it is the root word for the modern verb, “to disown.” But I digress. Or maybe disgress.

The main point is that in modern socialist thought, no one really owns anything except the government (which occasionally deigns to give something back to us, and calls it a “refund,” as if someone is getting some fun back). So the suffix of the word “dissohnia” has been dropped in contemporary usage. That’s how the word got shortened to “diss” (the second “s” being retained to aid proper pronunciation), which simply means “without.”

That’s what makes “diss” (meaning “without”) the perfect word for conversation about socialism, since indeed, in socialist economies, most people eventually ARE without… without opportunity, without redress, without options, without hope, and without lunch, let alone cancer treatment or a heart transplant.

The common phrase “I’m gonna disownya, baby,” can now be understood as a transliteration into colloquial English that retains both the original meaning and original pronunciation of “dissohnia.”

So if you’re feeling dissed by the feds, don’t sweat it. So do the rest of us. And if some sectors of society continue in their current trends, and the government continues to encourage them to do so, we’ll soon be without a next generation, too….

Call it the ultimate DISS.

Congress, of course, is about to DISS us, bigtime.  Today they’re going to try to take over our healthcare, and through the new federal bureaucracy they will create to do that, they plan to regulate about a million other things that you don’t normally think of as relating to “healthcare.”  You think the nanny state is overactive now?

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

There is a slight chance it can be defeated.  Call your congresscritter, today, before 6 PM Eastern Time, when the vote is scheduled to happen.