Sep 12 2009

You can’t make this up, #2

Category: societyharmonicminer @ 9:38 am

It seems that Planned Parenthood is getting interested in modern art, with condoms as the media:

As kids across the country are going back to school, meeting their new teachers and seeing their old friends, Planned Parenthood will continue to target these young people with its contraceptive and pro-death mentality.

I won’t even mention what Planned Parenthood is trying to do in kids’ classrooms; the Planned Parenthood facility in Binghamton, NY will be celebrating the killing of more children and destroying more young peoples’ lives by looking at condoms as “art”. Seriously, Planned Parenthood is that stupid.

This organization will display a “prom dress,” made out of condoms and will be placed on a backseat of a car and an “evening gown” made out of condoms will be placed next to a bed. This is Planned Parenthood’s vision of healthy behavior for our young people.

Hey, I’ve got an idea – let’s teach our kids about respecting their bodies and the bodies of others through something called common sense – AKA chastity. Kids are not looking for sexual relationships, they’re focused on their friends, their homework, sports – Planned Parenthood wants to rob our children of their innocence and make it into some kind of joke. In the meantime, this organization kills 289,750 preborn babies each year.

A prom dress made of condoms, displayed on the backseat of a car….    because every high school girl’s dream is to lose her virginity in the backseat of a car on prom night, and Planned Parenthood just wants to help.

What a commitment to public service.