Sep 01 2009

Simply unbelievable

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Sep 01 2009

Our most embarrassing ex-President

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IN the Jerusalem Post, there is a review of Jimmy Carter’s latest screed unveiling his “peace plan” for the region, and the ignorance or duplicity that underlies it. Jimmy Carter: we can have peace (without you) in the Holy Land

COULD IT be that Jimmy Carter’s ideals are formulated by the number of zeros before the decimal on the contributions to the Carter Center by oil-rich Gulf States? These same states do not now, nor will they ever, allow Jews to worship freely within their borders no matter how much land Israel relinquishes. It is then surprising and hypocritical to call Israel an “apartheid state” and to infer that the region’s only democratic country is an obstacle to peace – thus the only solution to the Middle East conflict is through intervention.Carter’s final plea is for President Barack Obama to “shape a comprehensive peace effort between Israel and the Palestinians…then use persuasion and enticements to reach these reasonable goals with the full backing of other members of the International Quartet and the Arab nations.”

It is likely he would call on The Elders for their expertise. The best thing President Obama could do is completely ignore Jimmy Carter and his plan.

Read the whole thing. It details Carter’s falsehoods in describing the facts on the ground and his relationship with the players.  The man is a buffoon and a liar, and a useful idiot for the Saudis, who bankroll him.

I wonder if Obama will condemn Carter for “bearing false witness.”