Jun 11 2009

Enforcing family discipline in Palestine

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Palestinian family kills son for ‘collaborating with Israel’

In the first incident of its kind, a Palestinian family has killed its 15-year-old son in the West Bank after accusing him of “collaboration” with Israel.

The boy’s body was discovered near Kalkilya on Wednesday.

The Palestinian Authority security forces announced that they have arrested a number of the boy’s family members in connection with the killing.

The victim was identified as Raed Wael Sawalha.

PA security sources said the suspects confessed to the killing, claiming that they decided to kill Masalha because of his alleged connections with the Israeli authorities.

Sawalha is the youngest Palestinian to be killed on suspicion of “collaboration” with Israel.

Hundreds of other suspected collaborators have also been killed by Palestinians over the past few years.

The boy’s body was discovered in the basement of a house in his village of Hijjah in the Kalkilya area.

A preliminary investigation launched by PA security forces revealed that Sawalha had been brutally tortured before he was hanged to death.

Villagers initially believed that the boy had either committed suicide or hanged himself accidentally while playing with friends.

Gen. Adnan Damiri, spokesman for the PA security forces in the West Bank, said the perpetrators were all members of the boy’s family, including the father, uncle and cousin.

He expressed outrage over the crime and pledged that those involved would be brought to trial and punished.

I don’t know what it can mean to call this murder “the first incident of its kind” when the article admits that “Hundreds of other suspected collaborators have also been killed by Palestinians over the past few years.”

Maybe it’s the first time the entire family has gotten in on performing its civic duty.

Question: how many Israelis have been murdered by other Israelis for collaborating with Palestine?