May 07 2009

Lions, tigers and constitutional originalists, oh my

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The Far Right’s First 100 Days: Getting More Extreme by the Day | Media and Technology | AlterNet

Sometime back in February, about three weeks into Barack Obama’s administration, everybody on the left suddenly noticed that there was something different going on with the conservatives.

The outrageous screeds and paranoid delusions sounded pretty much as they always had — but there was a new fury behind them, a strident urgency that hadn’t been there before, and a very audible shift of the gears in right-wing behavior and rhetoric.

None of this came as a surprise to veteran right-wing watchers — we’d been predicting a bad backlash since the 2006 election — but more than three months into the new administration, it’s increasingly hard to ignore the fact that this ominous new trend is taking on a momentum of its own.

Read it all, and pray for rain.  To wash the dust out of these people’s eyes, and the dirt out of their brains.

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