May 06 2009

The betrayer betrayed

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Specter Humiliated: Democrats Strip GOP Defector of Rank

Democrats have not only stripped Specter of his clout, they’ve used his defection from the GOP to attack his former party colleagues. In a new Web ad from the Democratic National Committee, they parody the TV show “Survivor to highlight “the continued disunity” within the GOP.

The final result is that Arlen Specter has betrayed the party that supported him for decades, only to be apparently betrayed by the party that seduced him to defect.

Do you suppose they called him in the morning?

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  1. Bill Colton says:

    This is the issue with relativism. Arlen wasn’t standing by principles – he was morphing principles for a vote. Harry was standing for the rights of an individual (or his word), he was looking for political clout. It is not especially comforting to know those in power do not stand on priciples, but scurry for power. This means that anything goes – as long as the polls show it to be the right thing. Our country doesn’t have many leaders to show the way, we have politicians that follow the mob (polls).

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