Dec 26 2008

Exporting California

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It used to be common to see signs in California, bumper stickers, etc., that read, “Welcome to California. Now go home.”

This was back in the days when Americans from all fifty states were moving to California in record numbers, not just coming for vacations. Californians were fearful of losing the quality of life that they cherished, because of the enormous influx, and so the signs were quite popular. If you live in California, you haven’t seen one of those signs lately, have you?  In the current politically correct environment such a sign would not be seen as being aimed at Americans from other states.  Rather, it would be seen as being aimed at illegal aliens from our wannabe 51st state, just south of the border.

But now, California has a new strategy.  Instead of welcoming everyone and his extended family to California, we’re  exporting our wonderful success as a state to the rest of the USA.

Forget Illinois: California is poised to be the top dog in Obama-era Washington.

With roughly a half-dozen Cabinet and key administrative appointees and a powerhouse congressional delegation led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, California is shaping up to be the new Texas, the alpha state whose cultural and policymaking influence was inescapable through most of the last eight years.

At the link, you’ll read about the enormous influence that is expected to be wielded by the California delegation, greater influence than any other state, it would seem, including Illinois and New York.  What’s that?  You say you don’t want to live in California?  That’s OK, you don’t have to move here in order to experience the wonderful benefits of living here, because we’re going to export them to your state, via the federal government, at no additional charge.  (Just kidding about that last part.)

Here’s what you can look forward to:

1)  Very high taxes.  Business killing taxes.  Taxes that drive businesses to other states, and when they’re universal throughout the USA, those businesses will continue to migrate off shore.  Forget the “giant sucking sound” of jobs going elsewhere…  this time it’s a boot planted squarely in the back driving business away.

2)  Along with ridiculous taxes, economy killing regulations.  Ludicrous building and land codes, environmental extremism that costs everyone but the leeches who make their livings looking for obscure critters that aren’t there, and never were.  Small business harassment raised to a fine art.

3)  California was the incubator, nursery and unsupervised playground for pornography, from Hefner to hardcore.  You may not believe what’s coming next.

4)  California has among the most restrictive regulations on firearms in the 50 states.  Go to an online gunshop:  they’ll often simply refuse to ship anything to California, because it’s just too much hassle, the laws keep changing, and it isn’t worth the hassle, despite the size of the potential market, and despite being completely within all federal gun laws.  This has not kept California safer.  The gangs and other assorted cretins have all the guns they want and can use.

5)  Regulations controlling building and construction that you just won’t believe.  Really.  Got a 5 acre lot that was just surveyed and approved 5 years ago, that you’d like to subdivide into two 2.5 acre lots?  It will cost $20,000 to $30,000 and take two or three years, and you will pay for things sillier than ketchup on ice cream.

6)  Incredibly high income taxes AND sales taxes, with both probably going up.  Call it the SPLAT TAX, because that’s what California’s business environment is doing, and which will be exported to your state soon.

7)  I hope you just LOVE tagging and graffiti.  On your property.  Done by someone who was probably carrying a weapon you can’t, and may be back tomorrow.

8)  School systems where half aren’t graduated, and half of the ones who are (or more!) are functional illiterates.  All going hand in hand with dumbed down curriculum designed to be politically correct and make sure your kids are graduated knowing more about obscure minority authors than Shakespeare or Twain….  if they are graduated at all.  California, the state where high school seniors can do book reports by drawing pictures.  No kidding.

This list could go on, and on, but the bottom line is simple:  if you wanted to live in California, you’d probably be here already.  But don’t worry; we’re coming to you, with federal muscle to teach you how to live our way.  You will love it.  Or else.

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