Dec 12 2008

Where the jobs have gone, and are going

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A small business owner explains why he is cutting back, which inevitably results in job losses.

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Dec 12 2008

The biggest special interest in America?

Category: educationharmonicminer @ 10:04 am

The teachers unions are reflexively against any adjustment to the status quo, and are notorious for Blocking Education Reform

Big labor unions have destroyed countless American industries, including the Detroit automakers who are now begging Congress for a bailout. But these unions don’t just control factories and assembly lines. Our public education system is a slow-motion car crash, driven by the same union special interests that brought the auto companies to the brink of bankruptcy.

This is a particularly apt analogy, since if public education WAS a business (instead of an entitlement), the teachers unions and most school districts would be bankrupt, for failing to produce a product that enough people want to buy, producing it at too high a price, and offering lousy customer service.

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