Dec 01 2008

Some things can’t be stopped by “increased security” or “intelligence”

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New York City is worried and taking extra precautions at hotels.

The terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, have prompted authorities in New York City to beef up security at large hotels and Jewish centers, including the Lubavitch headquarters.

Accrording to, the New York City Police Department had already been on high alert over concerns of a possible strike over the Thanksgiving holiday. But the attacks in India, which claimed about 200 lives, prompted enhanced security.

I’m glad, of course, that NYC is thinking about this, and I suppose other large cities are as well, although there is an element of “fighting the last war” in this kind of planning. Why defend hotels when restaurants, ball games, city buses, schools, churches, Rotary Club meetings, etc., all have similar vulnerabilities?  Let’s be really clear about exactly what the situation is.
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