Dec 05 2008

The Left at Christian Universities, part 7: Speech codes

Part 6 in this series can be found here.

Speech codes limit campus freedom

Millions of high school seniors have started the process of deciding which college or university to attend in the next academic year. Prospective students will take into consideration cost, academics, social life, and location. And while many students will also look at schools that reflect their interests and values, virtually none will be thinking about the school’s speech codes or free speech zones. They should. Students at colleges and universities who articulate conservative and traditional views are at particular risk of bullying and indoctrination by campus administrators and faculty who are zealous ideologues.

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Dec 05 2008

The Iraq War is essentially won: now we just stay long enough to stabilize

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Presidency Council Ratifies U.S.-Iraq Security Pact

The new U.S.-Iraq security pact that was approved by Iraqi lawmakers Nov. 27 was ratified by Iraq’s Presidency Council today, senior U.S. officials said.

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Dec 05 2008

Enough is Enough!!!

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The California Teachers Association, the largest, and some would say the most powerful teacher’s union in California has been broadcasting paid radio advertising spots since 2007.  Unfortunately one of the radio stations to which I listen continues to air these ads. I am subjected to them on a fairly regular basis and I must say I’ve about had it!   (And I thought equal time had to be provided to opposing views – but I digress). The latest gem is called “Faces”.  If you’d like to hear the current ad or any others from the CTA archive click here.  If you’d like my personal “Cliff Notes” version of their ads, here it is –  “California schools have a lot of problems.  We could solve all the problems if you would just give us more money.”

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