Dec 13 2008

Transplanted San Fran loons

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Here’s how it is in Washingon state this Christmas:

Just in time for the Christmas season, Washington State Gov. Christine Gregoire has insulted Christians all over the world. Inside the state Capitol building in Olympia there is a traditional holiday display featuring a tree and the Nativity scene; perfectly appropriate since the federal and state Christmas holiday celebrates the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.

But this year Gregoire decided to add another item to the display. Standing alongside the baby Jesus is a giant placard designed by atheists that reads: “There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.”

You read that correctly. The governor of Washington State has permitted an attack on religion to be displayed in her office building as part of a Christmas presentation.

Seattle now rivals San Francisco for secular-progressive nuttiness. The city fathers are allowing public nakedness in city parks and nude bike riding, and in Fremont, a Seattle suburb, they actually put up a statue honoring Vladimir Lenin, the father of communism.

Some on the Seattle school board actually supported denigrating Thanksgiving by teaching children about the atrocities against Native Americans by the Pilgrims.

In addition, Washington State voters have passed assisted-suicide legislation, and the state gives out free birth control pills, including the “morning after pill.”

On the quality-of-life front, the streets of Seattle are full of homeless people, but they don’t have to be out in the rain. The city will pay to house alcoholics and drug addicts if they want it. They can actually get free furnished apartments. Taxpayers, of course, pick up the tab.

Of course.  That’s because Seattle was the preferred destination for San Francisco Bay Area refugees who wanted to get away from the “congestion” and “complexity” of California urban life, but simply took it with them, and all the lefty values that go with it.  Native Seattle citizens have been complaining for 25 years about all the Californians coming their way.  What do you want to bet that if only people who lived in Seattle 25 years ago were allowed to vote today, that Washington would be a red state?  Washington state didn’t “go Left”, the Left went to Seattle, and tipped the balance in the state permanently blue.

In the meantime, if you live in one of California’s two large urban centers, and would like to visit Seattle sometime just to see what it’s like, you don’t have to go far:  just visit San Francisco, or Santa Monica.  I wonder to which red state California will export its surfeit of Lefty loons next?

Memo to Governor Gregoire:  BAAL worship went out a few thousand years ago.

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