Sep 21 2008

Obama: China, the model for all nations

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China, the nation lauded by Obama for its wonderful infrastructure, the very envy of the world, to hear him tell it, can’t seem to maintain a safe milk supply for its children.

China said nearly 13,000 children were in hospital Sunday after drinking toxic milk powder in a dramatic escalation of Beijing’s latest safety scandal.

No doubt some of those funds that would have been used for milk supply testing and production quality control were diverted to make pretty buildings in downtown Beijing. Yep, we should definitely nationalize the production of everything in the USA, too, so those good folks in the federal government can exercise proper control over everything.

By the way: HERE is what happens when you search Google for “Obama China infrastructure”.  Go ahead and look.  You discover an utter silence of any mainstream media.  That’s right:  nothing from NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NYTimes, LATimes, Boston Globe, WAPO, etc.  It seems that it wasn’t newsworthy for them. 

More evidence, as if it was needed, that the mainstream media is totally in the tank for Obama.  What’s that mean to you?  If you get most of your election info from those sources, you’re probably hopelessly uniformed.

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  1. wuming says:

    Unfortunately American corporates keep shipping American suburban dwellers to China. Along with them, American style of development: big houses, big cars, miles of daily commuting, indoor gyms and worst of all, cold sterile new housing development. This is one of the price Chinese pays for its prosperity.

    If Senator Obama would do a little more research, he would find that Buick is the most desired car in Shanghai, though it DRINKs gas must faster than Chinese version of VW. Bicycles were banned on some major streets in Shanghai. New roads in many cities no longer have bicycle lanes. Preserved foods from supermarkets replaced fresh produce from urban morning markets. WIIs, TVs, exercise machines and PERSONAL media players are new companies for many families in apartment buildings and new New Jersey style of mini mansions. Neighbors disappeared into merely several dog barks.

    I wish Senator Obama is really running for president of the world. At least he can help China to stop follow American’s urban sprawling, and find a way to preserve its identity/environment and seek progress.

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