Sep 22 2008

Touchstone for anti-gun, universal healthcare true believers

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A lot of folks believe themselves to be very righteous because they care so much about the children (even though they’re pro-choice on abortion).  They want you to believe that they care more about human life than you do.  So they’re really big on universal health care, and they’re anti-gun.  In the first instance, they want you to be forced by government taxation to pay for it.  In the second instance, they want to remove your right to self-defense (only meaningful if you have the tools to do so, correct?).

Is it clear yet that they don’t care about you?  I hope so.  If you don’t grasp that, reread the first paragraph.  Their concern is for other folks, not for you.  Not even for your children, because, you see, your children are yours, and the universal health care/anti-gun true believers don’t really care about them, just the children of those other people.  Otherwise they would not try to take away from you the tools you need to defend them, and the money you need to take care of them.

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