Oct 31 2010

History Repeating Itself?

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It is a privilege to welcome this particular guest blogger to Harmonicminer.  That is because she is my daughter.  I vividly remember the day she became politically aware.  It was the day she received her first paycheck.  She was shocked at the amount of taxes withheld and the difference between what she earned and what she got to keep.  This created an opportunity for a teachable moment, needless to say.

My daughter is a journalism major in college and this blog is the result of a class assignment  – write something in the style of Ann Coulter.  I will leave it to you to judge how well she did.

History Repeating Itself – by Embowlee

“I didn’t have a plan,” said Jerry Brown, former Governor of California, in a 1992 CNN interview responding to the question of what went wrong while he was in office.

What’s that you say? Why yes, yes that is the man running for Governor for this upcoming 2010 election.

Flash back to before Jerry Brown tried his hand at being Governor the first time. What do we see?

For starters, California still deserved the title “The Golden State.” We had the best higher education, the best freeways, and affordable and abundant living communities. State and government taxes were low, and the word “inflation” was virtually non-existent.

Flash forward.  The state has stopped building new freeways, and halted new power plants. Taxes are the highest in the nation, and unemployment is higher. Millions of hard-working Californians are leaving for opportunities elsewhere in neighboring states, and for the people who do stay; the livin’ definitely ain’t easy.

We can thank the 1974 election of a radical, new age leftist Jerry Brown as playing a huge part in this rapid downfall.

In the same interview with CNN, Mr. Brown was asked a follow up question after he stated that he didn’t have to lie anymore, now that he’s no longer a politician. As if he thought he could say that and not expect a follow up question.

What did you lie about, asked the CNN representative?

“It’s all a lie. You run for office, and the assumption is that you know what to do, and I don’t. I didn’t have a plan for California, Clinton doesn’t have a plan, and Bush doesn’t have a plan. You say you’re going to lower taxes, put people to work, you’re going to improve the schools; you’re going to stop crime. But crime is up; schools are worse, taxes are higher. I mean, be real!”

Be real California, our state is hopeless! Thanks Mr. Negativity, but what I think you really meant to say was that you just couldn’t step up and get the job done yourself.

So now-nearly twenty years later, Jerry Brown wants to give being Governor of the state of California another shot.

The recent polls show Jerry Brown leading over opposing candidate, Meg Whitman.

What’s going on California residents? Is suffering through a four year term something you like doing? ‘Cause that’s what we can expect if Jerry no-plan Brown is elected again.

What makes anyone think, after all these years, that this time, he actually does have a plan?

In one of his most recent ad campaigns, Jerry Brown says it’s time to get California working again, and that we have to “work with what we have.” He’s also talked about how he wants to focus primarily on “green-centered” jobs-jobs that are more expensive to fund, and are scarce.

What about the jobs we’ve had around for hundreds of years, Jerry? The ones that are quickly dying off and people are becoming unemployed over, because there’s no money to sustain them and no money to afford workers.

Jerry Brown claiming to have a solid plan the second time around is almost as crazy as the thought of Barbara Boxer running for office again. Oh wait…

Sep 14 2010

Chris Christie takes a teacher to school

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Aug 18 2010

See you at the movies

I hope this one is a big hit at the box office, but it’s a cinch it won’t win any Oscars.  Hollywood has no problem with raising prices to see a movie, or with raising the price to give someone a job, or even with raising the price to have a job.  Of course, Hollywood permanently inhabits never-never-land, so a movie that just tells the simple truth is bound to be horrifying to them.

Looks like it ought to be a winner.

Jun 15 2010

The USA’s intrinsic values… sometimes caught, but rarely taught anymore