Jul 29 2011

Shovel Ready?

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Another of the Powerline Prize entries, this one a music video called “Shovel Ready, Not Shovel Ready Enough”. Very funny, and very effective… and very sad. A TRILLION dollars for essentially nothing very helpful….

Somebody was shoveling something, alright.

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  1. saxman says:

    I sold 40 lightowers to a distributor who sold them to the State of Hawaii. This was in response to a mandate from Homeland Security that in case of a power outage, there will be light into the sensitive harbor areas. After we delivered the light towers (which took 4 weeks – after 2 1/2 years of “purchasing cycle” in the government”, we received a piece of paper asking “how many jobs were created for this order”. I laughed, and called up the office and asked if jobs saved were to be included in this number. I then asked if I can subtract jobs due to the fiscal burden put on our private sector due to the enormous debt of the TARP program and others. I told them we needed to look at jobs lost due to the program as well as jobs added. They told me to ignore the request and hung up!

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