Jul 21 2011

Hollywood disgusts me, all too often

Category: mediaharmonicminer @ 10:09 pm

Here is a link to one of the most repellent movies I’ve ever seen a tiny amount of (about all I could stand).  It’s called MACHETE.

But I saw enough to know this.  Some major stars lent their names and efforts to portray essentially all white people (at least any in a position of any kind of responsiblity or authority) as evil, while it shows all Mexican illegals to be honorable, innocent, heroic, and, in one case, “Christlike” figures.   Oh, I forgot to mention, the white people are stupid and cowardly, while the Mexicans are clever and brave.

There are so many calumnies and distortions in this piece of trash that it’s hard to know where to start. 

Why would Robert DeNiro, Steven Seagal, Jessica Alba, and Don Johnson, not to mention Cheech Marin, Lindsay Lohan and Danny Trejo, the main “hero” of the movie, choose to associate themselves with this garbage?  (And make no mistake, it is garbage, with preachy anti-border statements, bloody schlock violence, and so many lies it would take a dozen paragraphs to recount them all, and dozens more to refute them.)

(Senators don’t set up their own pseudo-assassinations, the Border Patrol is made up of honorable law enforcement officers, the Minutemen do not engage in murderous random violence against Mexicans, and Mexican gangs are made up of murderous thugs, not honorable freedom fighters….  just to correct a few of the lies.)

This isn’t just another piece of lefty Hollywood brain rot.  It is really evil.  I do not exaggerate.  It is so bad that some might defend it as satire of the La Raza fantasy variety.  The problem is that it’s pretty clear the film makers are serious about it, even while “having fun” with it….  rather in the manner of INDEPENDANCE DAY being a satire of science fiction movies, while basically enjoying the genre, and basically being on the side of the good guys.  Only, in this case, the good guys are murderous Mexican thugs, and the “bad guys” are unrecognizable caricatures of American white people, including normal citizens, law enforcement, politicians and border security activists.

This flick basically promotes hatred of America, and American values, while glorifying violence in the name of illegal aliens invading the USA.

It is as if a movie promoting racism, Jim Crow, and maybe even slavery was made, and actually found an audience.  I would like to believe that Mexican-Americans are offended by the characterization of them in the film. 

Incredibly, it gets 7 out of 10 stars on IMDB. 

America may indeed by doomed.