Jul 31 2011

Not looking good

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Lawmakers close to deal to avoid default

Senator Charles Schumer, a Democrat, told CNN: “Default is far less of a possibility now than it was even a day ago because the leaders are talking, and talking in a constructive way.”

Oh no.

We’re doomed.

If Schumer calls it constructive, that generally means the Republicans are busy caving in…. again.

UPDATE:  This summarizes nicely why Schumer, et. al., are so willing to call the agreement “constructive.”

Jul 31 2011

The media, biased? Way left? Say it isn’t so!

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The PJ Tatler » Poll: Most Voters Believe the Media is Unethical, Biased

The Hill: Poll: Most Voters Believe the Media is Unethical, Biased

Likely voters hold a dismal view of the news media, generally regarding reporters as biased, unethical and too close to the politicians they purport to cover, according to a new poll for The Hill.

A full 68 percent of voters consider the news media biased, the poll found. Most, 46 percent, believe the media generally favor Democrats, while 22 percent said they believe Republicans are favored, with 28 percent saying the media is reasonably balanced.

Well, duhhhh….

For more, check this out.  It’s a solid piece of social science, not just someone’s anecdotally based opinion.  The author, Professor Tim Groseclose, is the Marvin Hoffenberg Professor of American Politics at UCLA.