Oct 09 2009

Affirmative Action at Nobel

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So it’s official:  the Nobel prize committee has decided it’s time to practice affirmative action, and award the Peace Prize to someone who hasn’t done anything yet, but might…  maybe.

Here’s the list of former Nobel Laureates.

Generally, it seems to me that in order to get a Nobel Peace Prize, you must either do something good, or do something bad, or do something very loudly, even if it is neither good nor bad.  As far as I can tell, President Obama is being awarded the Peace Prize for the signal achievement of not being George W. Bush.  It’s a new category…  a prize awarded for not being someone else.

He’s in good company…  Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Yasser Arafat, Mikhail Gorbachev…  great luminaries all, full of grace and truth.  Or maybe just gin and vermouth.  All those cocktail parties are hard work.

I wonder if any scientist has ever gotten a Nobel Prize for hoping and wanting to do some new science.

It is the ultimate paean to hope and change…  with emphasis on the hope, since it’s obvious the Leftist agenda behind the Nobel committee has not changed.

Oct 09 2009

The final heat death

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Mammoth black holes push universe to its doom

THE mammoth black holes at the centre of most galaxies may be pushing the universe closer to its final fade-out. And it is all down to the raging disorder within those dark powerhouses.

Disorder is measured by a quantity called entropy, something which has been on the rise ever since the big bang. Chas Egan and Charles Lineweaver of the Australian National University in Canberra used the latest astrophysical data to calculate the total entropy of everything in the universe, from gas to gravitons. It turns out that supermassive black holes are by far the biggest contributors to the universe’s entropy. Entropy reflects the number of possible arrangements of matter and energy in an object. The number of different configurations of matter a black hole could contain is staggering because its internal state is completely mysterious.

There is a certain parallel with the current US government, which promises to be such a black hole for money that the entire economic future of the nation is going down another hole… down the drain, down a rabbit hole, pick your metaphor, ladies and gents.

It’s very clear that “the number of possible arrangements” of money and power in a federal bureaucracy is essentially infinite. 

“Raging disorder within those dark powerhouses” indeed.  Who knew that the Hubble telescope was pointed at the Federal Reserve?