Mar 25 2009

Seven Contradictions of Diversity

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In the traditions of Six Contradictions of Marxism, I present Seven Contradictions of Diversity, because Marxism was invented by dead white men, and what’s so special about the number “six”?  Herewith:

Seven Contradictions of Diversity

*  Your college has an Office of Diversity — yet it isn’t diverse enough

*  It isn’t diverse enough —  yet it celebrates diversity constantly

*  It celebrates diversity constantly —  yet faculty of color are oppressed

*  Faculty of color are oppressed  —  yet they are constantly invited to speak their mind

*  They are constantly invited to speak their mind  —  yet they are marginalized and ignored

*  They are marginalized and ignored —  yet many are hired as faculty and promoted to important administrative positions to develop “diversity weeks”, “diversity courses”, and “faculty diversity committees” in order to promote people of color.

*  They attain unprecedented political clout focused on a single issue —  yet they’re still “speaking truth to power”

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3 Responses to “Seven Contradictions of Diversity”

  1. Michael K says:

    The very title of “faculty of color” segregates the faculty. How will we ever become a cohesive communal unit if we insist on being diverse? Why do some continually need attention? Is it insecurity?

  2. Josiah Mory says:

    Dr. Shack, this has actually been an issue that I have been wrestling with recently. I would love to hear more about what you think about this.


  3. harmonicminer says:

    Hmmm.. you could click the tab at the top, “The Left At Christian Universities”.

    Or click the word “diversity” in the categories/tags area at the right.

    And I have some other thoughts, that will wind up here as time goes on. Or we can go somewhere and have coffee and chew on it. Or all of the above.

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