Mar 05 2009

Behind the curve. Three years behind.

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On Afghanistan

The mainstream media has finally fully caught up to where we [Michael Yon] were in 2006.

Michael Yon is probably the single best source for actual information, in context, about the Afghanistan/Pakistan situation.

At the link, coverage from Yon’s reporting in 2006 that sounds like the kind of stuff the major media are finally getting around to reporting this year.

Mar 05 2009

Think it can’t happen here?

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UN may make ban on criticizing Islam mandatory, making it a criminal offense in the U.S.

Think it can’t happen here?  Think again.

Mar 05 2009

US Aid to Terrorists

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After describing US aid planned to “rebuild” Gaza, Yoni asks very simple questions:

Yoni the Blogger

Why are the American tax payers being forced to pay almost 1 billion dollars to help the Palestinians rebuild?

Is it because the Palestinians have seen the error of supporting terrorism and have entered into a path of peace?

No, it is clear from multiple rocket attacks coming out of Gaza once again on an almost daily basis and daily rock and molotov cocktail attacks in Judea and Samaria that the Palestinians are still supporting terrorism.

So the question remains why give them any money?

The fact is that Hamas and Fatah are both terrorist organizations at their root, though Fatah has been more circumspect lately. Any US aid that is given is certain to prop up Hamas and Fatah in power, and will not buy ANY goodwill to the USA from Islamic radicals in control of Gaza (Hamas).

What benefit is there in giving Hamas any help of any kind, when Hamas has not withdrawn its stated intent to destroy Israel?

Indirect aid to Gaza, if that is even possible, will still allow Hamas breathing room to hatch further terror. The people of Gaza must throw Hamas out of power. They are less motivated to do that when the consequences of Hamas policy are not fully felt by them.