Sep 28 2008

Enjoy these next few months…

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Hawaii judge stops doomsday lawsuit over collider | Science and Environment | Jerusalem Post

A federal judge in Hawaii has dismissed a lawsuit trying to stop the world’s largest atom smasher.

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin reported that a US District court judge says in a ruling issued Friday that federal courts don’t have jurisdiction over the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland.

Two Hawaii residents sued because they feared the machine could create black holes or other phenomena that could destroy the planet.

Most physicists say the collider is safe. It started low-power operation Sept. 10 but suffered malfunctions and will be shut down until spring.

Maybe the federal bailout of Wall Street won’t matter so much after all….

UPDATE:  Some folks are claiming the collider will create energies not seen since the Big Bang….

And thanks to Robbie, who pointed out this to me:

Large Hadron Rap


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  1. Robbie Gillam says:

    Here is the best thing I’ve seen about the LHC. It’s on YouTube and gives a nice breakdown of what the LHC does in addition to being incredibly funny. Here is the link:

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