Sep 17 2008

50 Fundamentals from my friend

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My friend (and the father of my son-in-law), Tony Andreola, recently sent me his list of 50 fundamental beliefs.  Much of it is simply common sense that has been forgotten in many quarters.  These aren’t all equally fundamental, and some are more observations than beliefs, but you get the idea.  Tony is the kind of guy you want for your neighbor.

Herewith I reproduce, for your edification.

Tony’s Top 50 fundamental Beliefs

1. God is real
2. Love your wife.
3. Being a Parent is a High Calling.
4. “My observation is that women are merely waiting for their husbands to assume       leadership.”  James Dobson
5. “A man travels the world over to search for what he needs, and returns home to find it.” George Moore
6.  Idealism is not always practical.
7. “Truths are stubborn things” John Adams
8. Liberals are emotionally driven
9. “A liberal is a man too broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel.”  Robert Frost

10. We Baby Boomers need to get over ourselves.
11. Sometimes all of us need to take a chill pill.
12. Take a breath or two before speaking
13. Lower Taxes are good, and help the economy.
14. “The income tax created more criminals then any other single act of government.”  Barry Goldwater.
15. If you want to create a nation of tax rebels, citizens should write a check for each one every payday after getting their gross pay.
16. Trickle down is True
17. Smaller Less intrusive Federal and State and Local Government is good
18. Vote!
19. Home Ownership is good
20. Responsible Gun Ownership is good
21. General Optimism is good
22. A Sense of Humor is good
23. Socialism is evil
24. Fascism is evil
25. Representative Democracy is Good
26. “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice…Moderation in the persuit of justice is no virtue. ”  Bary Goldwater 1964
27. Racism is bad
28. Sexism is bad
29. Having an educated opinion is good.
30. Open personal attacks at ones family and the people we love is bad.
31. Hippies were only about the exploitation of women as well as Drugs, and if they think that they have changed the world it was only for the worst.
32. Learning is an act of Repetition
33. The Call to be a Christian is a call for an education.
34. Our Founding Fathers might have had flaws but in the end were truly inspired.
35. The Russians are still a threat.
36. A Pro Family Pro Life Agenda  is good (In who’s world is it wrong to Protect Babies, Unborn or otherwise?).
37. More control at the State and local level is good.
38. Defeating America’s Enemy’s without Apology is good.
39. Rugged American Individualism is Great.
40. An Optimistic View of America is good.
41. Love for your Country is good
42. Ronald Regan is one of the Greatest American Presidents,
43. “Freedom is never more then one generation from extinction.”  Ronald Regan
44. That the Constitution is NOT  a “Living Breathing Document”,
45. That Women are as smart and as capable as Men.
46. Achieving anything in America is possible,
47. That you make your own success at any point in your life.
48. Anyone who hurts a child should go to jail or worse.
49.The invention of the radio has changed the world.
50. Inventors are cool


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